State Champs, Against The Current, With Confidence unite for sweet Warped Tour reunion


The phrase “dream lineup” is thrown around quite a bit when it comes to concerts and tours. In fact, the ideal “dream lineup” is a bit of a dream in itself – very rarely is a lineup assembled perfectly that it fits everyone’s likes and wishes. However, State Champs’s Spring headlining tour fits the description. Along with Don Broco, With Confidence and Against The Current, it’s more of a Warped Tour 2016 reunion than anything else, which is exactly why it’s so dreamy.

If there’s one band that’s blown up since graduating from the Vans Warped Tour, it’s With Confidence. The pop-punk four-piece has consistently landed themselves in Alternative Press, Kerrang! and Rocksound since embarking on the three-month summer extravaganza. Also, they’ve toured Europe while headlining with Broadside, Safe To Say and Milestones. Frontman Jayden Seeley admitted that he “didn’t expect to be headlining across the world,” but fortunately that’s With Confidence’s reality.

Chrissy Costanza

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There’s good reason for this. The Aussies are probably the most fun foursome from Australia. Pop-punk isn’t typically the first ingredient when it comes to stirring up mosh pits and crowd surfing, however don’t tell the lads in With Confidence. Each of the four members encourages this behavior and because of it, their live show is as memorable and exciting as ever. Bassist Luke Rockets bounces around on stage, jumping off anything he can find while fans crowd surf to the front, only to stage dive back into where they came from. It’s a never-ending cycle of tomfoolery that steadily becomes more enjoyable as the night progresses.

When it comes to Against The Current, there’s few bands that fit the mold for future superstars more than this trio. Powered by front-woman Chrissy Costanza’s powerful, soaring vocals and energetic presence, ATC is beyond electrifying. Their catchy melodies trap the listener and the band’s showmanship retains the crowd’s attention song after song. With such an upbeat pop vibe, anyone who hasn’t seen Against The Current perform could assume that backing tracks play a part in their live show. However, that assumption couldn’t fall further from the truth. While three members (Chrissy, Will Ferri and Dan Gow) star on the album covers, the front-woman never forgets to recognize the band’s strong touring members who’ve been in the fold since the group’s inception.

Our roots have been in bands. Ultimately, that’s our thing. It’s about the music. We like having production and there’s no gimmick. Our two live members Roo and Joe are just as important as the three of us. They’re permanent live members.

The band at the top of the “dream” tour poster doesn’t need any introduction. State Champs has been around the world and back (no pun intended) over the last year and for the majority of fans, it’s not the first time they’ve seen the band live – calculated by a show of hands. The five-piece kicked off their set in the same manner With Confidence finished theirs.

Bodies flowed onto the stage and mosh pits broke out in the middle of the venue. There’s no telling if State Champs expected the flood of fans that joined them onstage, but they seemingly didn’t mind one bit. Guitarist Tony Diaz chuckled uncontrollably as fans dove off the stage back into the raging crowd. Bassist Ryan Scott Graham jumped around with anyone that was willing to join him, his long, luscious hair swaying back and forth.

Many pop-punk enthusiasts would claim that Derek DiScanio is the best male vocalist in the genre right now, and they wouldn’t be wrong. The frontman flexed those strong vocals throughout the set, but his acoustic showing with Chrissy on “Around The World And Back” provided the best evidence for that claim. The duet yielded one of the most memorable moments of the night and cooled off an animated set list, but once the ATC front-woman swapped places with the State Champs musicians, the upstate New York natives kicked the show back into fifth gear and finished the way they started.

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