Bad Suns talk ‘Disappear Here’ and crazy fan encounters ahead of sold out tour


The pop-rock quartet, Bad Suns, is one of the fastest rising acts on the music scene. Joining forces in 2012, the band has worked hard to grow a dedicated fanbase that’s sold out a number of consecutive shows. Bad Suns recently released their sophomore album Disappear Here to positive reviews across the board. Portraying life in Southern California, Band Suns have a knack for hooking their audience with artsy songwriting and a catchy sound.

Congratulations on Disappear Here, quite an engaging and likable album. I’d like to kick off this interview by getting a general sense of what the band wanted its listeners to take away with this new album? How would you compare 2014’s Language & Perspective/Bad Suns to 2016’s Disappear Here/Bad Suns? 

‘Language and Perspective’ is like your first few dates with a person, whereas ‘Disappear Here’ is more like falling in love.

As a 4-member band, agreeing on which direction to take each track and its sound must be somewhat tricky. Which track on Disappear Here gave the band the most work and most headaches to complete? 

“Defeated” brought upon the most headaches. That’s an older song, and even though it’s one of our simpler arrangements, it took forever for us to get it right. We actually recorded that song for our first album and weren’t happy with the results then. Thank heavens that’s all over.

What’s the story behind new album title Disappear Here and its accompanying cover artwork? 

I was re-reading ‘Less Than Zero’ to kill time in the studio; it’s one of my favorite books. It’s a story of casual nihilism and troubled young adults in Los Angeles and there’s this billboard that appears in the narrative a few times which simply reads ‘Disappear Here’ – The third or fourth time it appeared, I remember setting the book down and thinking “That’s it. That’s the title of the album.” The artwork was a happy accident which fell into place at the very last second of a very stressful period of time.

What are the best and worst aspects of touring? Craziest fan you’ve encountered on tour? 

At the beginning, it’s a bit of a lifestyle adjustment, to say the least. We’ve struggled at times, but at this juncture, it’s all gravy. We’ve learned to love every aspect of what we get to do. The crazier the fans the crazier the show.

Any pre-show or post-show rituals you guys have? 

30 minutes to showtime, you can find us all in the dressing room, doing each other’s glitter and makeup, talking about cute boys.

Two-part question. If you could compress the last few months of American politics into one statement, what would that statement be? Has the tumultuous American politics’ landscape given Bad Suns new material we might soon be treated to? 

Wow, great. How I feel today is that I don’t want to hear any songs about Donald Trump, and I have no intentions of including him in our art.

Back to less touchy subjects, honesty time. Who best fits the “Daft Pretty Boy” profile in the band? 

We’re all handsome, distinguished men.

What’s each member’s favorite non-Bad Suns album from the last year? 

You must know quite well how impossible it is to pick one. 2016 was a landmark year for music. Off the top of my head, I wanna give props to Chance the Rapper. Coloring Book is incredible and he amazes me. We played a show together in Boston last year, and I was just blown away.

If Bad Suns could co-headline a world-wide tour with any musical act nowadays, who’s the other band? 

To be frank, there aren’t many bands our size which excite me. I’d give a leg to open for Depeche Mode, though!

What can fans look forward to when attending a Bad Suns concert?

A night you won’t soon forget, I promise.

Bad Suns perform at The Loft in Atlanta, Ga. on Sunday, March 15 at 8 p.m. For more information on Bad Suns, both albums and additional tour dates, click HERE

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