You’ve Got To Hear This! Halsey debuts dramatic video for “Now Or Never,” lead single from upcoming album


Halsey brought in April with new music! The lead single “Now Or Never” off the star’s upcoming sophomore album dropped this weekend ending much anticipation (all while recreating some more).

Halsey’s directorial debut begins with a bearded priest ordering fueding gangs to make peace while seated together in a chapel, “In a city so empty of it, there are two that possess love.  We must help them.  You have been chosen — make peace.  They may save us all.”

Further more, in a frame during the Romeo and Juliet inspired video, a phone number ((972) 435-6436) is revealed that offers a friendly response if texted.

“The video for ‘Now or Never’ (my directorial debut!) is one part in the center of a long narrative that tells the story of two people in love despite the forces trying to keep them apart,” Halsey says in a statement.

The single is the first track off Halsey’s forthcoming album, hopeless fountain kingdom. The vocalist promises there’s more to the story which is all to be unveiled before the record’s release date, June 2.

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