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Simply put, 'The World’s Best American Band' is a must-have album for 2017.

White Reaper has unleashed their second full-length album: The World’s Best American Band and it’s quite the attention grabber; be it the boldly confident album title or the punk-tinged power-pop sound that floods TWBAB. The Louisville, KY. quartet came out swinging for the fences and ultimately knock it out of the park.

Led by tracks “Judy French” and latest single “The Stack,” The World’s Best American Band consists of 10 high-octane, get off the couch and rock your ass off anthems. The heavy-riffs and blazing-guitars produced by White Reaper is that of an ambitious band unwilling to yield on backing the claims made by new album title. For his part, front-man Tony Esposito puts forth raspy and robust vocals that fit White Reaper’s overall sound to a tee.

However, for all the punchy and powerful tracks on The World’s Best American Band, it’s single “Eagle Beach” where the quartet shine best. The medium-paced track serves as White Reaper’s laidback tune, yet it finds a way to individually and collectively highlight what each member brings to the table in a harmoniously balanced display of drums, keys, strings and baritone.

That being said, the album is not perfect. The voluminous dosage of spry tracks create an unvarying feel to the album that dares the listener to not flinch when distinguishing between tracks, leaving something to be desired. However, if this is White Reaper’s one-trick pony, it’s one heck of a trick.

The World’s Best American Band is a must-have album for 2017. Congregating an even combination of insane string work, dynamic vocalization, drums and keys galore with a 90’s era Oasis-like smugness. The argument for White Reaper as “The World’s Best American Band” has commenced.

For more on upcoming tour dates or to learn more about White Reaper visit their website at www.whitereaperusa.com. In the meantime, enjoy this throwback video to single “Judy French.”

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