City and Colour light up Atlanta’s Variety Playhouse


Canadian singer-songwriter Dallas Green (City and Colour) made his way to Atlanta to perform before a sold-out crowd at the Variety Playhouse. Known for his laid back and folksy tunes, Green made a decidedly un-mellow entrance as he makes his way to the stage to Soul II Soul’s “Back to Life (However Do You Want It)”; the unusual introduction is cheerfully met by a fan-base ready for night to remember.

The show kicks off with Green delivering a stand-out performance of power-ballad “Woman”. The gritty nine-minute track serves as an adequate vessel to accentuate Green’s vocal prowess. Executed under moody lighting, “Woman” lends itself as the perfect preface for a simplistic, yet electrifying gig. In company of strong backing musicians, City and Colour navigates through the night with renditions of various tracks from his extensive discography, including fan-favorites “The Girl”, “Lover Come Back” and newly released “Peaceful Road”.

Photos by Andres Alvarado

The 18-track performance feels like an intimate affair, despite hundreds of fans on hand and each passing tune snatching up louder and rowdier cheers as the night went on.

City and Colour is not a flashy performer. You won’t see him jumping like a mad-man or running around the stage like his feet have caught fire, no, Dallas Green is the complete opposite. Heavily relying on his passive persona and extraordinary talent to carry each show out. His fans don’t mind though, in fact, we’re willing to bet that his less-is-more approach to performing music is what’s kept Green in the industry and in the heart of his fan-base for well over a decade.

Be sure to catch more on City and Colour as he treks around the U.S. on tour throughout June or get news updates by visiting his website at

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