History repeats itself with Touché Amoré on Thursday’s reunion tour

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A Saturday night at the North Carolina Music Factory set the stage for Touché Amoré’s blend of melodica post-hardcore and emo. The four piece from Los Angeles has been around since 2007, consistently releasing deeply personal and hard hitting records. Jeremy Bolm tells an incredible story, that he unveiled to Charlotte all night through the lens of Touché Amoré’s confessional vocals.

Last year saw the release of the group’s fourth studio record Stage Four. Over the years, their albums have managed to carve out a place in punk rock with a sound and that is entirely their own and the band’s most recent release doesn’t differ. Having cemented their sound with Stage Four, their live performance shows total control of both the compassionate and the aggressive side of their style.

Photos by Benjamin Robson

Opening up for the alike emo band Thursday (not to be confused with the day of the week) on their highly anticipated reunion tour, Touché Amoré plunged into a performance that ultimately left the audience craving a headlining show of their own. The quintet dove headfirst into the setlist, playing the the first track from their new record, “Flowers and You” – a song about trying to maintain an strong appearance while suffering a loss.

Though leaning heavily on their newest material, Touché Amoré dipped into old school tracks while pairing songs from past and present seamlessly. The night featured songs from all four of the band’s full length albums. The crowd screamed back the words to the verse of “Palm Dreams” – one of the band’s more popular songs.

Touché Amoré benefitted from the tour’s well-comprised card.

This tour is awesome! So many pals, so many friends.

The band carries a long running relationship with Thursday’s Geoff Rickly, dating back their debut album To The Beat of a Dead Horse which released on the frontman’s record lable, Collect Records, in 2008. Towards the end of the set Bolm thanked Thursday, all while reminiscing on the history and the memories of the bands first tour alongside Thursday almost a decade ago. It only seemed right that Thursday reenlist Touché Amoré for their own reunion tour.

Touché Amoré continues to tour with Thursday through April, concluding in NYC on April 30 at Irving Plaza. For more information about the band and tickets, click HERE.

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