The Kills grip the spotlight and shine like stars in Atlanta

The Kills. Photo by Andres Alvarado

The Kills brought their Whirling Eye Tour to a packed house at Atlanta’s Buckhead Theater. With a start time of 9:20 p.m., Alison “VV” Mosshart and Jamie “Hotel” Hince make their way to the stage under blue strobe lights. Immediately, the duo dive into a rendition of “Heart of a Dog” off their new LP Ash & Ice. Mosshart, takes hold of the spotlight, shining like the stars that bedazzled her blouse with slick dance moves and hair tossing that mesmerized all in the front row. This sets the tone for what would be a rock & roll filled evening.

Jamie Hince makes his first impression when lending vocals to “U.R.A. Fever”. He then takes over the stage when strumming his Hofner front and center while performing “Kissy Kissy” under a redly dimmed stage. Throughout the show, the duo keeps the crowd hyped and completely engaged. With a grip on their mob of fans, The Kills take all in attendance for a ride down memory lane as they perform fan favorites like “Dead Road 7″, “Black Balloon” and “Baby Says”.

Photos by Andres Alvarado

Promoting their new LP Ash & Ice, the duo performs a healthy mix of their new songs. Standout singles like “Siberian Nights”, “Impossible Tracks”, “Hard Habit to Break” and tour namesake “Whirling Eye” showcase the duo at their rock & roll mightiest and grittiest. By contrast, when performing “That Love” and “Echo Home”, the guys seem more relaxed and let their emotions flow through guitar and microphone.

The show comes to a satisfying end when The Kills perform the hit tracks “Last Day of Magic” and “Sour Cherry” to the delight of all in attendance. Fans headed home still energized from the performance, but not before making a stop at the merchandise table in search of a souvenir from the memorable night. Be sure to catch The Kills as they continue their tour through a select few U.S. cities, before crossing the pond to England and the rest of the European continent.

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