Dinosaur Jr. sell out Charlotte

photo by Caitlin Malson

Massachusetts native Dinosaur Jr. stopped through Charlotte and sold out the Neighborhood Theatre in support of their 11th studio album, Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not. After 30 years of exposure and the creation of timeless classics, there’s few musicophiles that are unfamiliar with the American rock trio, Dinosaur Jr.

After up-and-coming pop threesome Cloud Nothings opened the night, Dinosaur Jr. took the stage to a roar of cheers. The relatively young sold out crowd welcomed the veterans to the local venue as Dinosaur Jr. began their lengthy set with “Bulbs Of Passion,” a track off their 1985 album Dinosaur.

It was evident that the majority of the audience had arrived early and had been waiting for the moment for a while. After Dinosaur Jr. bowed out of the scene for roughly five years at the turn of the century, it’s understandable that they’d attract such a large and diverse fan base. Their music has spanned generations and they weren’t hesitant to mix the old with the new.

Photos by Caitlin Malson

The audience showed approval of the varied set list with a rousing ovation once the band introduced “Goin Down.” The leadoff track from Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not brought joy to the theatre. From there, Dinosaur Jr. unveiled “Pieces,” “Tiny” and “Feel The Pain” – all of which the band released after reestablishing themselves in 2005.

As the night progressed, fans took a trip back in time with Dinosaur Jr. “Start Choppin'” and “Freak Scene,” two songs born before a number of audience members led the musicians into their highly anticipated encore. The crowd sung along throughout the night and demanded at least “one more song.”

As expected, Dinosaur Jr, obliged and returned to stage with “Get Me” and their own rendition of a renowned jam from The Cure. To cap off the night, the trio performed “Just Like Heaven” from 1987. The three and a half minutes wrapped up a night that most can agree upon, felt just like heaven. The packed crowd didn’t leave the theatre disappointed and instead gave off the vibe that if Dinosaur Jr. returned in the near future, Charlotte would welcome them back in the same fashion.

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