Meghan Trainor’s ‘Untouchable’ tour is still all about that bass


Meghan Trainor is obviously all about that bass, but she’s also all about that energy. A deafening scream of adolescents roared, welcomed the 22-year old pop star to the stage. Trainor’s black sparkled dress glistened in the vibrant spotlight and her vocals shined behind the lyrics of “Woman Up” – the track the launched the night at Bon Secours Arena.

Since breaking through in 2014 with her girl-power anthem “All About That Bass” and claiming a Grammy in 2016 for Best New Artist, Trainor has become one of pop’s most likable artists today. Her upbeat tone and down-to-earth personality has attracted a devoted, young fan base that feeds off of her spirit.

The room was filled with overwhelmed teens – hands waved, colored wands flickered and not a single soul stayed seated. Trainor gave back to her fans, performing fan favorites “Me Too,” “Dear Future Husband” and “Lips Are Movin” early in the night. She connected with the crowd and took every opportunity to call out to them with “I love you!” as a thank you for their support and homemade t-shirts.

Photos by Javon Jeter

Midway through the set, she shocked the heart of Greenville with a surprise that few expected. Instead of waiting until the encore, Trainor unveiled “All About That Bass” and renewed the riotous cheers that had subsided after a few less popular songs. Despite not needing an invitation, the pop star invited her devoted crowd to sing along – “I want to hear you all singing this one, I know you know it.” There wasn’t a soul in the audience that didn’t know the words to the song that spent eight weeks atop the Billboard rankings. Even a few parents shamelessly mouthed the lyrics to themselves.

Trainor performed in unison with the dancers that flanked her to the left and right. The choreography flowed and the audience followed along. The Nantucket native brought Bon Secours Arena to a synchronous clap on demand throughout “Champagne Problems.” With the majority of Trainor’s well-known songs exhausted earlier in the set, she performed Drake’s “One Dance” on the verge of her expected encore. The choreography subsided and Trainor bossed the stage herself, with just her backing band to help with the melody.

Fans shouted for “Meghan” all night long, but the chant circulated the arena once she left the stage after 21 songs. The crowd still had more in the tank and hoped M-Train did as well. The arena remained pitch black while Trainor snuck back out onto the stage. Anticipation grew in the venue and before too long, a bright white spotlight revealed the beloved singer who stood front and center. She shared one last empowering track with Greenville before blowing kisses and unleashing a confetti shower on the audience. As Trainor waved goodbye, the crowd provided an eardrum-bursting roar that underlined how they felt about the Untouchable tour.

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