Watsky’s up-tempo rhymes make for a lively night in Atlanta


American hip-hop artist and poet Watsky stopped by Atlanta’s The Loft with his x Infinity Tour and brought his fans to their feet. Watsky’s fans clearly REALLY love Watsky and evidently Watsky loves them. Much like other related artists in the genre (Hoodie Allen, Mac Miller, etc.), Watsky’s live show is simply a lot of fun.

Beginning with “Pink Lemonade”, the pink spotlights illuminated the San Francisco native as he rhymed and audience shouted back the song’s chorus. While the crowd showed it’s enthusiasm by hooting and hollering at the baby-faced 30 year old, the set increased gears with the second song, “Roses”. Watsky’s promise is shown in his quick rhymes and once he reaches that fast-paced tempo, the audience is left helpless. While they try to keep up with the rapper, it’s impossible at times.

Regardless, the crowd remained hyped through “Midnight World”, “Brave New World” and “Don’t Be Nice” – all tracks from his fourth studio album x Infinity. The majority of the night featured tracks from x Infinity with the exception of a few songs. As the night progressed, Watsky pulled raps from his earlier albums such as Cardboard Castles. In return, the performance’s uniqueness took a turn for the better.

While almost all rappers consider themselves poets, few are poets in the same sense that Watsky is. His live presentation of “Tiny Glowing Screens Part 2”, his follow up to part 1, which dives into the idea of how technology is causing the human race to become more sedentary, is stunning. There’s much more to the poem, but the art comes to life once Watsky unveils the track live.

The rap-filled night comes to an end with “Woah Woah Woah”, arguably Watsky’s most popular track. The piano riffs caused the entire audience to raise their hands and clap the beat in unison. The frontman danced around the stage, from left to right and fulfilled any and all expectations that the crowd had entering the venue hours prior. Watsky created night of great fun and liveliness that even the most hesitant listeners can enjoy if they open their mind.

Photo in this post courtesy Gage Skidmore via Flickr CC

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