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A breath of fresh air. 'Every Where Is Some Where' is an inspiring, worthwhile ride that's well-worth the price of admission.

A breath of fresh air. K.Flay’s “genre-defying” style and vibe is an introspective, empowering blend of hip-hop that’s outside the realm of today’s common creations. The incredibly talented MC is not to be filed in the shortsighted category of everyday hip-hop.  K.Flay’s quirkiness and unique touch on electronic-indie fueled hip-hop is built on unapologetic bluntness that all together serves up a platter of undeniable significance. Streaming services do their best to offer related artists for those who dive into K.Flay’s art, however not a single one ideally compares.

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Every Where Is Some Where is a debut album that’ll likely serve as a catalyst for this young artist’s booming career. Packed with a worldly view through the eyes of K.Flay – depicted by the imagery of a taxi receipt and 39 cents – the artist stresses that life is a beautiful, unexpected journey. From the close-nit classrooms at Stanford to the expansive city streets in the Bay Area and Brooklyn – Every Where Is No Where coils up K.Flay’s nomadic life and unwinds it in a 12-song, 39-minute pressing.

Oozing with attitude and irresistible beats, Kristine Flaherty weaves through the dark, intimate “Blood In The Cut” and the empowering “Black Wave” before offering a tongue-in-cheek shot at politics in “The President Has A Sex Tape.”

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Arranged perfectly, each track demands continuation which carries onto the next. Song after song, the debut record is polished and musical gold, yet what’s even more dazzling is that Every Where Is Some Where amplifies itself with a radiant and colorful grand finale in “Slow March.” “Really anything’s true / Really anything’s gold / If you paint it that way,” K.Flay emphasizes in the record’s climax. At times, it’s a slow march, but the flowers will bloom in time. Every Where Is Some Where is an inspiring, worthwhile ride that’s well-worth the price of admission.

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