The Big Moon, ‘Love in the 4th Dimension’


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The Big Moon flex their muscle on 'Love in the 4th Dimension;' a most musically buff and brawny debut.

It’s an exciting time to be a female rock-star. While the music industry has seen its fair share of pioneer female rockers, the last decade has produced many exciting female-led acts that have flooded the airwaves with new and enticing sounds; from CHVRCHES and Grimes to Bishop Briggs and Hinds. London quartet The Big Moon and their debut LP Love in the 4th Dimension continue the trend with a fresh, vocally moody, heavy riff laden and pure rock approach.

11 tracks deep, Love in the 4th Dimension kicks off with an alternate version of single “Sucker” – a carryover from 2016’s The Road – that quickly lays down what The Big Moon brings to the table: scruffy brit-pop guitars, punchy drum-work, with vivid song-writing and mysteriously seductive vocals set forth by front-woman Juliette Jackson. The album’s lead single “Formidable” is a sulky and cohesive three-minute gem that’s as perfectly timed as a swiss watch when combining keys, drums and strings to best play off the rollercoaster of emotions that Jackson’s voice evokes.

In contrast, single “Bonfire” is a rock/pop up-tempo anthem composed from a combination of catchy guitar and key hooks with sugary vocals. Stark contrasts of this nature are heard throughout; serving as an emblem to the versatility The Big Moon has to offer.

While Love in the 4th Dimension vessels additional strong tracks like “The Road” and epiphanic bubblegum pop single “Happy New Year,” it does conclude awkwardly on the lyrically cheesy “The End,” which plays as the album’s lone hiccup. Alas, The Big Moon flex their muscle on Love in the 4th Dimension; a most musically buff and brawny debut. Indeed, it’s an exciting time to be a female rockstar.

Be sure to download Love in the 4th Dimension on Spotify, iTunes or where available. For more information on The Big Moon, visit here.

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