You’ve Got To Hear This! Blackbear celebrates 4/20 with release of ‘digital druglord’

photo courtesy of blackbear (@iamblackbear) on twitter.

Blackbear is at it again. The brooding and unfiltered underground R&B-rapper released his album, digital druglord, at 9 p.m. PST on April 20. It looks to be yet another high note for the artist’s career – pun intended.

Now his third full-length album, digital druglord promises to deliver the same chill and blazed-up R&B the artist is known for. Its first few singles – “make daddy proud,” “if I could I would feel nothing” and the currently chart-prospering “do re mi” – all have an entrancing production value, all doused in melancholy and unbridled emotion. His addictive tracks always reek of drugs, sex and rock ‘n’ roll, unfiltered for the young and hungry-for-an-aesthetic digital age.

With an album released mere weeks ago with frequent collaborator Mike Posner, blackbear proves he can pour out tracks and still leave his dedicated fan base itching for more. Blackbear made over 100 songs for the album and narrowed them down to 10 for his fans to hear.

Blackbear’s digital druglord tour will make its way to Charlotte in June. Until then, rub your bloodshot eyes and press play on digital druglord below:

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