Latin icons Maná deliver two-hour thrilling spectacle promoting social justice


Latin Rock powerhouse Maná landed in Atlanta for their Latino Power Tour. The band, formed in 1986, are well known for their stadium rock anthems, but also their off stage charitable work – for this new tour, they combined a little of both. Playing to thousands on hand, Maná took the chance to make a statement on climate change and the importance of protecting mother Earth. The boys also address the ongoing struggle for social justice; reminding all in attendance to get out and vote for a candidate that promotes unity over hatred and divisiveness.

The show started at 8:40 sharp, with the boys rifling out hit after hit. Beginning with “Manda Una Señal,” “Oye Mi Amor” and their celebrated “Corazón Espinado.” Playing to a crowd that kept cheering non stop, the boys of Maná are in complete synch. Lead singer Fher Olvera seems ageless and he goes from stage end to stage end, getting up close to the fans in the front rows. Lead guitarist Sergio Vallín is on point, looking cool with his flowing hair and terrific playing skills.

Juan Calleros, the quiet one, lets his bass do the talking while drummer Alex “El Animal” Gonzalez completely lived up to his moniker, in a spectacular way. Lastly, the fifth “honorary” member of Maná, the light show, was mesmerizing. The boy’s mix of strobe lights and backdrop images were almost as impressive as the band itself.

Photos by Andres Alvarado

Other notable highlights of the show include the drum solo by Gonzalez. A clear statement as to why he is considered among the best drummers Latin Rock has to offer. The 12-14 minute drum solo included Gonzalez going beast mode on his kit from all angles, be it drumming in the classical sitting position, to behind his back and even juggling drum sticks with his right hand as he plays on with his left hand.

His efforts are met with a rousing ovation and a bucket of ice cold Coronas which lowered from the ceiling him as he played. The out-of-this-world solo came to an end with Gonzalez running to center stage and flinging away several of his sticks to some lucky fans that went home with a pretty kick-ass souvenir.

The other big highlight of the night sees Fher Olvera and Serio Vallín take the show to a small stage set middle venue. They go on to perform an acoustic show within the show. The seven song mini-set, which invited a few crowd members to climb on stage and view the set up close, reached a high point when the duo performed “Se Me Olvido Otra Vez,” paying tribute to Mexican icon Juan Gabriel, who passed away late August of this year.

The 24 song & two hour set was a thrill for all in attendance. Maná has no shortages of big hits and it showed. Among other tracks played were “Te Lloré Un Río,” “Rayando el Sol,”  “Mariposa Traicionera” and a cover of “Get Up, Stand Up” by The Wailers. The show came to a gratifying end when the boys performed finale “Clavado en un Bar,” a song that invites all in attendance to end the show with a dance party. Once again, the boys of Maná delivered for their loving fans – until next time.

Be sure to catch Maná in concert as they make their way to Miami, before hitting several markets in Texas and California.  

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