You’ve Got To Hear This! Luna Shadows reveals new single “Thorns”

Luna Shadows // Photo by Jared Allen

Luna Shadows, the artist behind the self-proclaimed “Echo-Park Pop” gave us another look into her world with the release of her newest single “Thorns.”

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“Thorns” explores the artist’s fleeting feeling behind relationships with a cheerful, yet melancholy vibe.

“‘Thorns’ is about the ultimately ephemeral nature of all relationships and my difficulty indulging them with acute awareness that inevitably they will be taken from me. At the same time, the longing to experience love and hope often overrides this common sense. When things fade, I can’t help but feel like it was my own fault for ever trying to hold on, for ever feeling hopeful, for attempting to build something lasting with the absolute knowledge that it would never stand in the first place,” Luna Shadows told C-Heads Magazine for the song’s premiere.

The track follows in Luna Shadows charming aesthetic. The contrast between the deep lyrics and moody melody amplifies the entrancing vibe, much like the rest of her catalog. Stream “Thorns” below via Spotify and dive into Luna Shadows world through her music videos here.

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