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Much like 'Merge,' 'Layers Vol. 1' is one of kind and in a league of its own when it comes to creativity and production.

Heirsound: the kings and queens of concept art. The duo, Alexa San Román and Dane Peterson (formerly Love, Robot), introduced the world to their thought-provoking creative process in the band’s debut EP Merge, last fall. The 6-song record that weaved through emotions with a deep, colorful vibe begged for elaboration. While Layers Vol. 1 isn’t a direct expansion of Merge, the duo build on the unique creative process they’ve cemented.

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Much like Merge, Layers Vol. 1 is one of kind and in a league of its own when it comes to creativity and production. Unlike the forthcoming installments to the collection, Layers Vol. 1 battles surface level emotions, such as anger and attraction, headfirst. Each track is arranged to perfection and creates a building tension over 13 minutes concluding with what feels like San Román’s emotional breakdown – a vocal style she’s yet revealed in Heirsound’s career.

To reach the climax, Heirsound open with “Proud,” undeniably the catchiest track on the EP and one that sets quite the precedent in terms of overall pleasure.

Sitting at the front of the Layers collection, ‘Proud’ is not representative of the majority of the story that follows in Layers but a short moment in time that we coped with through writing it. Essentially it is the forward of this story, sitting by itself right before Chapter 1.

The forward of the story introduces heavy drums and high energy in “Dangerous.” San Román overlays the dark thumping with the lyrics, “let me tell you how it’s gonna be because nobody else comes close to me.” The moody lyrics steer the ship up and down through ever-changing instrumentals that assist in revealing each song’s vibe. The album transitions from evident anger and vexation to a helpless attraction.

San Román and Peterson’s swapping vocals help illustrate the story and the chemistry the two has built up over their musical journey shines. The two never step on each other’s toes and neither San Román or Peterson overpower each other. From start to finish, Heirsound pique curiosity as to what’s next – needless to say, Layers Vol. 1 generate’s a high-level of anticipation for Vol. 2.

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