Adia Victoria plays homecoming show at Fox Theatre in Atlanta


Hailing from South Carolina and now Nashville-based, Adia Victoria has always considered herself a proud resident of the Southeast. Naturally, when Victoria opened the night at the world-famous Fox Theatre in Atlanta, she considered it a homecoming achievement of sizeable proportions. After all, it’s not every day an artist gets the opportunity to stand on the same stage as many music-industry big names such as concert headliner Sturgill Simpson. All said and done, Victoria took to the task like a real professional, making fans out of the thousands on hand with her effortlessly cool gothic tunes and a touch of charisma.

Watch: Adia Victoria performs “Dead Eyes” live

Adia Victoria is known for raspy voice and gothic vibe, and as such is somewhat of a personality oxymoron. Though she presents with a certain darkness to her tracks, live she puts forth a bubbly and approachable persona. Decked in a peach-toned long gown and accompanied by a quartet of suit-wearing musicians, Victoria breezes through her opening set with ease.

Visibly winning over the audience on site with her sway-inducing singles, most notably during performances of “Dead Eyes” and “Mortimer’s Blues.” Once Adia’s hour-long set came to an end, Victoria’s magnificent display of musicianship exceeded expectations and would be one tough act to follow for Sturgill Simpson.

Photos by Andres Alvarado

Adia Victoria’s gothic-blues are noteworthy, smart, stylish, and cool. Be sure to read up more on Adia Victoria by heading over to her website or download her acclaimed LP Beyond The Bloodhounds on iTunes, Spotify or where available.

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