Miike Snow and Klangstof offer cover from storm in Charlotte


Fun fact: None of the band members in Miike Snow are named Miike or Snow. Fortunately for the band, it didn’t appear that any fans cared or were disappointed at least. When it comes to Miike Snow, it’s their indie-electro pop that stands out and makes for an enjoyable show – it’s what attracted the crowd to the venue. However, while many fans entered for the Swedish headliner, they left with praise for the Norwegian undercard: Klangstof.

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Back home in Holland, Klangstof sits on a pedestal. Their the first ever Dutch band to perform at Coachella and were named Best Alternative Act at the Edison Awards in Holland (the Dutch equivalent of the Grammy Awards). They’re kinda a big deal, especially after hitting the road with heavyweights Miike Snow and The Flaming Lips.

Photos courtesy Oscar Anjewierden via Flickr CC

However, in the United States Klangstof is a bit lesser know, but only for the time being.

The band operates in the balance of sparse arrangements. Just when Klangstof tone it down, they bump it up. The band’s music subtly builds, almost mirroring a proper persuasive essay. The first 30 seconds of any song grabs the listeners attention and latches onto it for the duration of the ride. The vibe is irresistible and even if you wanted to walk away, it’d be a struggle.

The delicacy in frontman Koen van de Wardt’s voice is profound, even when singing about Mario and Nintendo. Klangstof prides themselves on their musical prowess – it’s what garnered the first recognition. This life wasn’t the path that van de Wardt thought he’d go down in life, but after seeing Klangstof live it’s easy to realize it’s reality. Klangstof’s melodies are super sharp and it’s easy to see why van de Wardt enjoyed success in production – writing music for commercials – prior to hitting the road for the rockstar lifestyle. The sound is undeniably unique and the band boasts all the necessary parts to carry this success into years to come.

Klangstof is only getting started and it’s hard to believe that Charlotte won’t be on their radar in the not-so-distant future.

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