White Reaper lives up to hype, delivers “terrific American rock and roll” spectacle


Garage-punk rockers White Reaper have enjoyed a barrage of accolades since releasing latest LP The World’s Best American Band. New album reviews claim: “White Reaper have gone from being a very good garage band to a seriously terrific American rock and roll band” and “Their sophomore album is smart, well-polished, and cheeky—loaded with more riffs than you can fit into the trunk of a Camaro”. When the Kentucky quartet took their act on the road, the anticipation to catch them live was immense. Living up to the hype, they deliver a spectacle that rocks your lame-ass off.

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Effortlessly cool, the boys of White Reaper hit the stage with the aura of a veteran band that’s been at this rock thing way longer than they care to remember. Lead-singer and total bad-ass Tony Esposito quips: “Ok, let’s do this,” as the band takes flight and hell breaks loose. White Reaper lets their performance do all the talking.

Photos by Andres Alvarado

The band seldom communicates outside of their tunes, all the same, the crowd is deep into the sentiment the music is putting out with onlookers singing along and quite a few rascals opening a mosh-pit. The boys made sure to treat the crowd to their most popular tracks like “The Stack,” “Judy French,” “Pills,” and “Crystal Pistol” among others.

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Currently, White Reaper is still on the rise and playing more intimate venues, yet it’s only a matter of time until the Louisville quartet slug their way into bigger and more renowned stages. After all, it’s bound to happen for the world’s best American band. Right?

For more on White Reaper and information on tour dates, be sure to visit here or stream the highly recommended new album, The World’s Best American Band, below via Spotify:

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