NEEDTOBREATHE hits all the feels at The Ryman Auditorium

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Mid September started a new chapter for the southern rockers of NEEDTOBREATHE – bringing a brand new tour to their dedicated fans across this great country. ALL THE FEELS tour is NEEDTOBREATHE’s response to their fan base in doing “more songs, more ways” and doing something they’ve never done before as a band. Splitting ALL THE FEELS into three parts: Under the stars at the best ampitheathers, electric in the best rock clubs and acoustic sets in the classiest theaters. The South Carolina band wanted to do something unique and different, and wanted to give their fans a tour they’ve been anxiously waiting for. The fans response; they’re feeling all the feels.

NEEDTOBREATHE brought their electric part of their ALL THE FEELS tour to one of their favorite and most respected venues the band has played this year yet – The Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tenn. As a fan of music, I’ve heard stories of how hauntingly breath-taking The Ryman is, which is true. 8 p.m. came, Jay Hawkins’ “I Put A Spell on You” starts up, echoing throughout the over 200 year old building. Then the magic begins, each member steps out on stage and “Don’t Bring That Trouble” starts up. Front man, Bear Rinehart grabs his hat from his microphone stand and the show begins. It wouldn’t be a NEEDTOBREATHE live show without a few cover songs in the bands set; within the first 10 minutes the band throws out the Rolling Stones and The Animals. But saving a fan favorite cover of “Stand By Me” for halfway through the show where fans get to hear bassist Seth Bolt lead on the second verse of the classic song.

NEEDTOBREATHE has played all over the U.S., a lot of legendary places in the last few years. But a NEEDTOBREATHE live show in the south eastern part of the country is one like no other. The humbled four piece band has played the legendary Ryman multiple times, but this years 2017 show was one of their best live shows I have personally seen. “We respect the heck out of this place,”

Bear humbly told the fans, standing in front of a sold out crowd of almost 2,400, “but we still want you to loose your mind in this place.” The 24 song set was jaw dropping and made you wanting more as each song ended. Toward the first half of the show, some crew members rolled out a piano with a banner of a bear on the front to sit at the front right of the stage. The front man comes out solo to start playing the intro to a classic NEEDTOBREATHE song, “Washed By The Water”. Hearing the crowd sing along to every word and to end with a well deserved two minute applause gave reason to the lead singer of why he does this music thing and why the band came to that historic place- and his smile said it all.

Right as NEEDTOBREATHE was gearing up for the second part of ALL THE FEELS, a mentor and hero the whole band passes away. Tom Petty was a favorite for the whole band and one of the reasons the band does what they do in the music business. The band decides to put another cover, a favorite of theirs, into the set list. “Kids, if you don’t know this song, ask your parents.”

Bear would say before going into “You Wreck Me” by Tom. Right before the band goes into the bridge, Bear reminds the crowd that he and the band are there each night to be a distraction for us, with all the crap the country has been through in the last few weeks and months, and to hold onto and love on the people around you… because you never know. And what distraction NEEDTOBREATHE was.

Since the first night of tour back in mid September, NEEDTOBREATHE has closed with a number the fans had been anticipating to hear live and that the band says is their story in a whole. “Cages” is brought to fans, unplugged and around one microphone. A perfect way to cap off to call it a perfect Nashville evening.

With each man of the four-piece band getting a solo part of some sort at the end of the night, showing off the vocals they still have and talents people didn’t know they had. As the song ends, the bands sweet harmonies ring out the building, the crowd erupts one last time for the much respected and humbled band. Showing their love back to the band with ever lasting minutes of clapping, hollering and a lot of love given to the four humbled hearts standing on stage.

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