KT Tunstall shares cheeky, joyous evening with her kin in Charlotte


Menacing, dark storm clouds rolled over the luminous Charlotte skyline and violent winds began to swirl. Heavy rain drenched the helpless souls that scurried up and down Elizabeth Ave. in search for shelter. Situated in the heart of Elizabeth, the Visulite Theatre offered safety to those is need and fortunately on this particular night, the marvelous KT Tunstall was set to perform live inside the safe confines of the cozy music venue. No, the story of KT Tunstall’s stop in Charlotte wasn’t quite this dramatic, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a fairytale with a storybook ending.

For many in attendance, it’s been over a decade since they’ve seen KT Tunstall elegantly grace a stage. Amidst the sipping of local libations, fans chatted amongst themselves and shared stories of the last time they witnessed the British singer/songwriter live. A lot has changed in a couple years and the Scottish musician professed all within minutes of stepping on stage – as if she was catching up with long lost friends.

Photos by Jared Allen

It’s a theme that carried on throughout the night. Every song KT Tunstall performed had a backstory and she cheerfully bared all – whether that was the time she sailed through the Arctic with a plethora of notable figures and beat a life preserver ring against the side of a ship or when she cruised through Venice Beach listening to the likes of Fleetwood Mac and Tom Petty (the sounds the ultimately inspired her most recent full-length album, KIN).

Down to earth and extraordinarily authentic; KT had a knack for engaging with each and every soul in the room. Not to mention she was as much of cheeky comedian as she was pleasing musician. She opened with “Another Place To Fall”, off her debut record before leading into her one of her newest tracks “Took Me So Long To Get Here”. The singer casually rolled through the setlist performing a number of songs for the first time on the tour. She even personally greeted a select few fans when it came time to perform Prince’s “1999” for the “KT Cover Challenge” – a poll she ran on Facebook requesting concert-goers to choose a song she’d cover live.

KT exuded absolute joy and her material was well-received, her chart-topping tracks held their value; “Black Horse and a Cherry Tree” and “Suddenly I See” generated the same jubilant reaction that they did 10 years ago. She was pure gold, showcasing that the true delight in music arises from the live show. KT Tunstall fulfilled her audience’s wishes five times over, all while proving she’s just as magical as she was back in the day.

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