Good Charlotte presents an array of crowd-pleasers on the ‘Youth Authority’ tour

Good Charlotte // Photo by Caitlin Malson

Good Charlotte paid a visit to the “good” Charlotte, NC and the native Marylanders had nothing but love to give to the fans from The Queen City who showed up to support the Youth Authority Tour. With almost two decades of unforgettable pop-punk music to pull from, there was not a single fan present that was unfamiliar with what was in store.

Starting with performances from Big Jesus and Hit the Lights to get the crowd up and moving; followed by The Story So Far to give an energy boost needed to take on Good Charlotte, the headliners were greeted with the screams of an anxious crowd rushing to the stage. Good Charlotte greeted them back with “The Anthem”, from The Young and the Hopeless, obviously a crowd favorite as there was not one fan who wasn’t ready to belt the lyrics right along with them.

Photos by Caitlin Malson

The Youth Authority Tour brought out more than just the youth though, with a crowd varying from those who grew up listening to Good Charlotte in middle school to those who had just become new fans and Good Charlotte was happy to oblige both. Their set list ranged from “Girls & Boys” from 2002, to “I Don’t Wanna Be in Love” from 2007, to “Life Changes” off their newest album, Youth Authority, from 2016, and the fans didn’t miss a beat.

Good Charlotte continued to pump out song after song only stopping every so often to send out a heartfelt message to the fans. Such as a message they wanted to get across during “Riot Girl” that it’s a new world with new rules and all females should be able to speak their minds, or during “Hold On” when they wanted to reach out to fans telling them that even if they’re going hard times that it only gets better. The crowd could not have agreed more and were happy to listen.

After a long, fully appreciated, and completely loved set list, that left no time for an encore, the fans could have not left more satisfied, happy to leave with big smiles on their faces.

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