Bayside shares over a decade of melodic, moody, guitar-driven emo with Amos’ Southend


Bayside frontman Anthony Raneri told A Music Blog, Yea? last year that after performing for 16 years, it’s not always easy convincing fans to attend their show for the “10th and 20th time.” However, Bayside didn’t struggle persuading their fans in Charlotte to spend Sunday night with them at Amos’ Southend.

The punk rock band’s dedicated fanbase packed the local music hall for an all-inclusive 21-song set spanning seven albums, including their unreleased Vacancy.

The Queens natives led off with “Sick, Sick, Sick” and engaged the crowd immediately as both parties pumped their fists in unison to the song’s lyrics. Bright multi-colored spotlights beamed up and down behind Raneri and blinded the crowd creating an eclipse behind the vocalist. It was evident from that start that the majority of the crowd wasn’t experiencing Bayside for the first time.

The New Yorkers took the audience back a decade with “Montauk” and “Blame It on Bad Luck” before fast forwarding to the more recent fan favorite “Pigsty.” Crowd surfers climbed on top of their peers by the time “The Walking Wounded” and “Sinking and Swimming on Long Island” rolled around. The four-piece rock band bounced around on stage and trusted the audience to cover the vocals when they stepped away from the microphone.

In true Bayside fashion, Raneri and co. surprised their loyal fanbase with unheard tracks, including “Two Letters” off their upcoming record Vacancy. A cover of the renowned smash hit “Mr. Brightside” struck home and caused Amos’ Southend’s floors to shake as everyone in attendance chanted the famed lyrics. The music hall roared for an encore and received just what they bargained for.

Bayside reemerged and capped off the weekend’s end with “Don’t Call Me Peanut,” Pretty Vacant” and “Devotion and Desire.” Stage lights spun and created a stylish finale for the New Yorkers who certainly lived up to expectations. With nearly two decades of experience under their belts, it’s hard to believe that any fan would shrug off the opportunity to see Bayside for a 10th or 20th time.

All photos in post by Javon Jeter

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