Parkway Drive’s Winston McCall talks Carolina Rebellion, ‘Ire,’ and more

Photo by Benjamin Robson

Winston McCall of Parkway Drive sat down with Encore after his band’s enthralling set to discusses their time at Carolina Rebellion, how many times the band skydived for the “Vice Grip” music video, maintaining his vegetarian diet while on tour and more:

Encore: This is a rhetorical question, but how’d your first show go?

Winston McCall: That was wild, really really wild. We had no idea what to expect from this gig and then… yeah, that was chaos. Absolute chaos.

E: It’s safe to say, there were quite a few crowd surfers and mosh pits, which I’m sure you saw from your point of view?

WM: The crowd surfing just started and spread like a wildfire. It seemed like everyone wanted to be on top of someone. I have no problem with that; it’s fantastic!

E: Do you have a favorite song from your new album Ire or off the set to play?

WM: At the moment I’m loving playing “Bottom Feeder.” Only because it just seems to be getting better and better. It’s been such a fun experience putting this new album out and having so many new songs go over so well, but it’s rad every time the reactions grow.

E: How’s “Vice Grip” considering that’s probably the fan favorite?

WM: It’s pretty crazy. It’s pretty nuts. We always hoped that song would go well but we didn’t expect that it’d go over like it has. As soon as we drop that song live, the whole set goes into another dimension. It’s really good.

E: How many times did you jump out of an airplane for the music video?

WM: We did nine jumps for footage and then nine more for qualification because we weren’t actual skydivers.

E: 18 times total! How was it?

WM: Terrifying! I was scared of heights. The idea was sort of a joke when we threw it out there but then we went ahead with it and I had to man up. It ended up being really fun, but there was probably nail marks down the side of the plane because I didn’t want to get out.

E: Have you jumped over Sydney? They say that’s one of the best spots on earth to skydive.

WM: No, I haven’t yet. We’ve done a couple spots but still no Sydney. Byron Bay has an amazing drop zone and the plane flies over my house and I’m not qualified to jump there. Every morning I wake up and I’m like, ‘You jumping bastards.’ That’s my goal: To jump at home.

E: Speaking of Australia, for anyone going on vacation there, is there any off the beaten path places to visit?

WM: You know what, it’s not off the beaten path and I’m not trying to talk our town up, but come to Byron Bay. If you want nice beaches and a nice hangout, it doesn’t get much better. You get a little bit of everything: There’s mountains, beautiful beaches, great food, nice people. I’ve seen the entire world, and I might be a bit biased, but I still come home and think I’ve got lucky.

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