The Staves’ beauty on display at Cat’s Cradle


Gill Landry of Old Crow Medicine Show recalled the first time he heard The Staves, illustrating that the experience was like “being called by sirens from across a dark and silent sea. It’s hard not to be struck by their beauty once they walk onto the stage. When their harmonies set in… you’re done, you’re just done.”

The English acoustic folk rock trio of sisters began their journey in open mic nights in local pubs back home in the U.K. The Staveley-Taylor sisters popularity rose and touring across the globe expressing their creativity through music became routine. Now six years and nine records (three albums, six EPs) later, The Staves are a global household name in the acoustic genre.

Recently, the trio released their sixth EP, Sleeping In A Car, which chronicles the details of their life on the road according to Emily Staveley-Taylor.

We were just exploring what a strange thing it is to live like this when all your anchors are gone. You can lose a sense of yourself and what everything means when you’re so far away from any mirror you hold up to yourself.

The Staves creativity is unique and the trio’s song writing process is “natural.” Late night conversations extend into their songwriting and ideas explored stem from what each sister is going through, especially with Sleeping In A Car. While each of the three songs on the EP are different, they fit together perfectly, illustrating a vivid picture only The Staves could tell.

“It feels really good. These are the snap shots of our lives over the last six months. That’s kind of where we are at the moment and that’s what we wanted to explore in the EP.”

While it seems as if everything beautifully flows for The Staves when writing records and traveling, at times it’s the complete opposite for Emily and her two sisters.

“We drive each other mental sometimes. Finding a moment alone on tour is a very difficult and a precious thing. We give each other space when we have time, even if it’s just to walk down the road to get a coffee or make a phone call outside the bus.”

The close relationship the sisters share extends into their live performances. The intimacy that the trio share on stage with their audience is stimulating and the small venues give off a feeling of home that only increases The Staves comfort.

“It’s really touching seeing the people singing your songs. We’ve never met them and we’re so far from home and yet they know us. It’s a strange feeling but it’s really touching. It means a lot! And I think small crowds are great because you can see people’s faces and it’s very intimate. We love that!”

The Staves’ North American Tour swings through North Carolina next Tuesday, June 21 at Cats Cradle in Carrboro, NC. Doors open at 7:30 and the show begins at 8:30. Tickets can still be purchased online for $12 here.

More information on The Staves and additional tour dates can be found on their website or through their Facebook and Twitter.

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