In This Moment’s high-octane theatrics promised to blow away The Orange Peel


It’s been a long journey for In This Moment, who’s changed quite a bit since releasing their first record in 2007, however they’ve made it. Come July 10, they’re returning to North Carolina for seconds on their present tour, but this time they’ll rock The Orange Peel in Asheville, NC.

In This Moment brings a loaded lineup to their sold-out show, featuring HELLYEAH, Shaman’s Harvest and Sunflower Dead. Known for their theatrics and vivid visual stage behavior, In This Moment’s performances rarely disappoint and always provide a craving for more.

Photo by Benjamin Robson

Photo by Benjamin Robson

Ask any metal fan who’s seen In This Moment live and they’ll most likely agree that a performance from Maria Brink and co. is unlike any other. In today’s scene there’s not many bands that stand up to the exceptionally visual performances of the past. Many try, but very few accomplish the feat like In This Moment. In fact, in an interview with Sonic Cathedral in 2014, Brink cited rock legends KISS, Madonna and Michael Jackson as inspirations for showcasing an unforgettable live performance.

Well, I always loved, like, you know… plays, and theatrical shows, and Michael Jackson, and Madonna, like that big performance. You know, when you’re young and you grow-up and you see it; and KISS, and that larger than life theme.

In This Moment brings a carefree approach, and while they were initially afraid to showcase profound theatrics, since flipping the script they’ve been incredibly successful. Another sold-out show highlights just that.

In addition to mesmerizing theatrics, In This Moment brings powerful tracks from their most recent album “Black Widow” with them to The Orange Peel. The album which broke into Billboard 200‘s Top 10 features the hits “Sick Like Me” and “Big Bad Wolf.” Both emphasize the wide vocal range the Brink can hit, from her pulsing screams to melodic soaring choruses. Brink’s emotion is shot into the forefront. Pair the band’s passion with visually stunning dramatics and all of a sudden In This Moment’s performance is an ultimate can’t-miss.

Catch In This Moment at The Orange Peel in Asheville, NC on July 10.

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