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From Ashes to New burst onto the scene three years ago trough social media outlets and released their first extended play in 2013. The five-piece rock band from Lancaster, Penn. released their first official album on Feb. 26, 2016 and immediately prepped for a country-wide tour that stops in what seems like every U.S. city from now until mid-August.

At Carolina Rebellion, we sat down with From Ashes to New’s Matt Brandyberry and Branden “Boo” Kreider to discuss their stop in the Carolinas, their present tour, what they were doing before becoming rock stars and more:

Volume: Welcome to Carolina Rebellion! First time here for From Ashes to New, what brings you and have you heard any stories about this festival?

From Ashes to New: We heard that it’s getting bigger every year. People say that rock is dead. I don’t know how that is if the festivals keep getting bigger and bigger. Last year we did Rock on the Range and Rockville. We still have Northern Invasion to go.

V: You’re on the “We’re All In This Together” tour with Hellyeah, Escape the Fate and New Years Day. Does anything change playing festivals on the weekend and more intimate shows during the week?

FATN: I don’t think anything changes. We just go out and give it our all no matter if we’re playing in front of 40,000 people or two people. I mean we have loaders at festivals and there’s a lot less manual labor that has to be done for a new band like us at festivals. Being new, we’re still trying to put our stamp on the scene and don’t have a whole lot of funds to pay a lot of people, therefore we’re still blue-collar.

V: How’s touring been after releasing your debut album, Day One in comparison touring before its release?

FATN: There’s a lot more people after the album’s release. Also, before the release we only had five songs to play. We would headline our local venue and people would be like, ‘How are they headlining, they only have five songs?’ We’d get up, muster through five songs, 25 minutes and be done. We have a lot more songs to play and people know the music now. Watching people today and seeing how many people were singing along with the songs was incredible.

V: How’s the tour going so far overall?

FATN: It’s been great! We’ve only had a couple dates but it’s been solid and the crowd’s been solid. I think most of the shows are damn near sold out. All the other bands are so awesome. It’s refreshing to know that everyone has their head screwed on straight.

V: You’ve stated a wide variety of artists as your influences. Do you feel that you fall within a certain genre or are you paving your own path?

FATN: I identify with lyrics. I’m not going to sit back and listen to “My Humps” or anything like that. Cool, catchy beat and all and I dig it but it’s not my thing. I identify with lyrics and it’s my go to. That’s why Eminem is at the top of my list. He’s a lyrical genius and the stuff he talks about in his serious songs is real. He’s talking about his real life struggle and what it took to get to where he’s at. He was a nerd growing up. I identify with that guy. I identify with the fact that he was casted out and he had to build his way to where he his now and he’s arguably one of the greatest entertainers of all time.

V: Lastly, if you weren’t rock stars, what would you do with your lives?

FATN: I was already doing it before I did this. I was a cable guy (Matt). I was an iron worker (Branden). We’re a bunch of blue-collar dudes. Chris restored airplanes. Tim worked at Claire brothers and worked on all the equipment that’s out here right now. Lance has always been in music; he’s the golden child. It’s a testament to anyone who wants to go out and do something, it’s never too late.

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