Carolina Rebellion: Day 3

Photo by Benjamin Robson

Carolina Rebellion, the heralded rock ‘n’ roll festival, took the excitement and head-banging to another level this year, adding an extra day which inevitably attracted thousands of more rebels to Concord N.C. for the sold-out festival weekend. Ecstasy (figuratively, but most likely the recreational substance as well) filled the air as thousands lined up at the crack of noon Friday to barrel through the gateway to hard rock bliss and paradise.

63 bands, over 90,000 fans and 32 hours of rock ‘n’ roll euphoria.

The temperature escalated for the final day, leaving no shirtless rebel safe. Teen prodigies Unlocking The Truth helped kick off day three along with Thousand Foot Krutch, Hands Like Houses, Yelawolf and The Struts.

Fans cheered for the English rock band as The Struts emulated old school rock with their hooky glam sound which pays tribute to years before the bands’ time but remains wonderfully modern. Their stage presence caught the attention of thousands. Luke Spiller danced from stage end to stage end enticing the crowd while his purple gown swayed in the light breeze.

Enter Shikari controlled the audience’s emotions and energy with their diverse pitch. Cypress Hill gave the youth a taste of the ’90s diversified the festival’s post-hardcore feel with West Coast rap.

Babymetal drew a dedicated fan base of thousands who camped out at the Black stage for at least two hours prior to their performance. Their J-pop genre was one of a kind at a festival with over 60 bands.

Bring Me The Horizon produced a modern, emotional, praiseworthy performance. Oli Sykes commanded that his audience shake the earth amidst expletive-laden tracks of “Sempiternal” and more melodious ballads from That’s The Spirit.

Alice Cooper followed suit and gave Carolina Rebellion the most intricate show of the weekend involving snakes, a guillotine and oversized Frankenstein. His pyrotechnic filled set overlapped with Rob Zombie which nearly capped off Rebellion in the most faultless way possible.

A lengthy finale from Disturbed sent the masses into the night and left nearly 100,000 rebels in anticipation… for what the 2017 Carolina Rebellion could potentially bring.

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Jared Allen

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