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Let us start off by congratulating the Jr. Astronomers on celebrating their eighth birthday. This local favorite is only one of the Charlotte formed bands that have called Snug Harbor their home over the years. It’s hard to ever catch Snug Harbor empty on the weekends, especially when another recently formed local favorite makes an appearance. Cuzco has grabbed the attention reputable bands such as Bear Hands and the Japanese rock band LITE. However, the attention gained is not because their name is reminiscent of one of the most iconic characters ever created by Disney, but rather because they are shaping their own brand of Math Rock.

Once again, I allowed Cuzco to sweep me away into their waves of beachy progressive-alternative math rock. Fortunately, I grabbed a boat on my way out and brought some friends along for the ride. When we entered, the boys were just finishing up a sound check before ringing their first chords. Immediately, we were sucked into a world of odd time signatures, not so typical rhythmic structures and mind bending melodies. For those of you unfamiliar with Cuzco’s parent genre, Math rock, it is not unusual for the bands to exclude vocals. Instead the singing is created through instrumentation by musicians who, simply put, know what they are doing.

Photo by Nikolas Maldonado

You could see the confidence the mates had in each other. They would smirk with each sudden false step, allowing the audience to prepare for each round of their compositions. A saxophone completed the ensemble for the evening, allowing the lads to achieve a fuller sound. The diversity truly makes you understand why you love music in the first place. The band is made up of Arman Serdarevic, lead guitarist, William Schoonmaker, lead guitarist, Matt McConomy, bassist, Dylan Robbins, percussionist, and Kevin Washburn on Sax. We were able to greet the members after the show, as we pledged to return.

Cuzco was able to string out a five song set list with some hard hitting new music like “You said number 11” and “Those are Z’s.” Grab a vinyl this December 28th and you’ll be able to hear the aforementioned titles at their most authentic. Plus, the record comes with a free digital download! Leading up to the release, catch Cuzco every Wednesday in December at Snug Harbor for free.

We hope to catch up with the fellas during their recording sessions in November, but until then keep checking out Volume for some more local Charlotte coverage.

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