Stitched Up Heart infiltrates Raleigh

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Stitched Up Heart returns to North Carolina on their national tour, stopping in Raleigh at the Lincoln Theater on June 11. The Hollywood natives already rocked out in front of thousands of North Carolinians three weeks ago at Carolina Rebellion (on a live stream) which they described as a “huge bucket list” accomplishment.

The four-piece rock band couldn’t stay away and are now returning to the state capital in preparation for their debut album release Never Alone. In performances past, Stitched Up Heart has given their fans a sneak preview of the new album in addition to their newest three singles, “Finally Free,” “Monster” and “Event Horizon.” Furthermore, they’ve sprinkled their set with unheard tracks off Never Alone but haven’t given any direct personal insight into which songs they are.

At Carolina Rebellion, Mixi (vocals) broke down a bit of the album’s diversity:

There’s a couple songs that are heavier that I scream in and then there’s more that are emotional. A lot of it is more so to send a message – a positive message pulling the dark to the light and that anybody who is going through something, to let them know you’re never alone. Originally we never meant to do it that way, but there was running theme – in life, I was in a really dark place and I finally started to realize life wasn’t that bad.

Stitched Up Heart further describes the album as an elixir that strives to bring listeners out of their own problems and into the music.

Stitched Up Heart infiltrates the Lincoln Theater in Raleigh on June 11 and Never Alone hits shelves June 17.

Tickets to the show can be purchased here and more information regarding the album and preorders can be found at Stitched Up Heart’s Facebook.

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