Stitched Up Heart shakes the Lincoln Theatre

Stitched Up Heart // Photo by Benjamin Robson

A vibrant blue haze overshadowed Decker as he twirled his wooden drum stick in hand and stomped on the kick drum. The drummer hammered his sticks down twice before directing the audience’s attention to the right like puppeteer, signaling for the guitarists’ entry. The anticipation rapidly grew as the intro music faded into Stitched Up Heart’s hit track “Finally Free” and Mixi emerged into the forefront. The vocalist promenaded across the stage, greeting her beloved audience before powerfully echoing the words:

You ready? Here we go!

The Californian whipped her golden blonde hair back and forth while leading the four-piece band into a powered six song set. “Finally Free” broke the crowd from their chains and induced movement in an audience that stood relatively steadfast through two opening performances. Stitched Up Heart’s rapid tempo and Mixi’s irresistible vocals were infectious and fellow audience members mumbled their newfound support for the Californians immediately after their opening song.

Stitched Up Heart doesn’t give any hints that as a band, their new to the scene, without a full-length album under their belt. Their heavier riffs mixed with shredding screams sound fine-tuned from years of practice. Their haunting tracks and strong stage presence suggest that the five rockers have been headlining local venues for years.

Instead, Stitched Up Heart previewed six tracks off their upcoming debut album, Never Alone. Each track differed in pitch and tone. While their singles, “Finally Free,” “Monster” and “Event Horizon” resonated with the band’s heavy background, others such as the self titled track “Never Alone” highlighted Mixi’s special vocal ability. While the guitars and drums slow down during each verse, they ramp back up once Mixi hits the chorus with a overflow of emotion.

Saving the best for last, Stitched Up Heart concluded with “Monster.” The stage lighting flickered from blue to red to green as Mixi reached out into her audience and instigated involvement once more. The single capped off a performance Stitched Up Heart can be proud of and one that certainly persuaded the neutrals into keeping an eye out for their premiere album once it hits shelves this upcoming Friday.

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Jared Allen

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