Middle Kids new track “Mistake” is what we’ve been waiting for


After charting on Triple J’s Hottest 200 with their hit track, “Never Start,” from 2017, the trio from Australian released the long-awaited 2018 single “Mistake” ahead of the band’s debut full length record Lost Friends.

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Middle Kids set the bar high in 2017 with the self-titled six song EP, but “Mistake” takes one step further. The song packs an emotional punch with memorable drums and guitar riffs that are quickly becoming recognizable in the Middle Kids circle.

“In a time where a lot of division is growing, we want to be part of the conversation that unites people around certain ideals that are universal, like hope and love,” Hannah says of the record. “That’s so much a thread throughout this album: Even though things are tough, it’s worth believing in something good and in the idea that we can heal. And in some ways, I wanted the music to be beautiful and a respite from what’s going on.”

Middle Kids released tour dates this Spring supporting the release of Lost Friends, due out May 4.

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